About Ubuntu for Phones

Ubuntu for Phones has been officially announced on January 2, 2013. Ubuntu for Phones will not be 'just another' operating system for your smartphone, this OS will change your smartphone experience like never before.


This OS focuses on the real important details; the content on your phone. All controls are hidden to make room for your content, however, with an easy swipe you have direct access to these controls. Accessing your apps is a matter of a single swipe. Switching to your last used app is quicker than you can imagine! And like you are used to, the OS can be fully customized to your needs!


Unbuntu for Phones is a light-weight OS which is even available on the entry-level smartphone, using the same drivers as Android. Apps are created in the modern HTML5 which makes it ease to create apps. Also web developers can easily integrate existing web apps with Ubuntu for Phones, with the access of all phone features such as notifications. Besides HTML5, the OS also supports other environments which can be useful for heavier apps or games.

Watch the trailer of Ubuntu for Phones

Watch the 22 minute industry proposition of Ubuntu for Phones